Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Gertie :)

Day 164 - 01/19/2008

Please forgive the last post. I was having a major headache and rushing around trying to get out the door. Why? I'm glad you asked...cuz I was gonna tell you anyway :)

First of all: The picture above is me and my new friend. Remember the pink elephant story from the other day? I bought my first one of the new collection tonight. Her name is Gertie. I'll get a better pic of her today :).

Ok, I was rushing around so I could leave the house by 5 and get to Sean's work before he got off. My brother, sis (in-law) and their kids have FINALLY come back from North Carolina and we went down to see them for the first time since they got back. They were only there for a few months but that was long enough for me. This is another one of those things that I'll have to tell you more about later. Its after midnight here and I've been wanting to fall asleep since 4 this afternoon. Took a pill for the headache and its been trying to knock me out ever since. I guess I'm just so addicted to blogging that I could not leave that 'filler' post as my only one for the 19th...which it isn't anymore, but I haven't gone to sleep yet so it still counts, right??

Ok, I will post some (perhaps boring to you) stuff about my family tomorrow...and I still have not forgot to tell you about naming my 'spare tire'. I know you are just dying to know what that is all


Bri said...

Welcome Gertie!!

Kendra said...

heheheehe, She said "Thanks" :)