Friday, January 4, 2008


I ran to Wal-Mart the other day to print some pictures. It should be noted that I do NOT like Kodak's printing kiosks at all. The print quality is crap and they screw with the color balance. I am never happy with the results. Ok, now that's been said - When I got done I took it to the store associate to get a total to take to the register. She flipped threw them and came to the 4x6 print of this one:

Drop of Red

She leaned her elbows on the counter, eyed it really hard and looked at me with this 'I'm accusing you' stare and asked..."Did you take this?" It was not in the "wow, I'm in awe, this is amazing" way. Oh no, she was treating me like I had committed a major crime. I gave her my biggest smile and said "Yes I did."
She wasn't done there though. She studied it some more and asked if I had the original that I had copied it from. I started to get a little ticked at her attitude and told her that I had it on CD. She STILL did not act like all was right with the world. She kinda sighed, straightened up and mumbled something about them needing to be careful about stuff like this.
As a photographer I'm glad that they ask these questions...but do they have to be snotty from the get-go? And...if I had gone in with a CD of images she wouldn't know whether I had taken it or someone else had anyway. Who do they think they are kidding?

Yes...I'm glad she asked. I did feel proud that my photo looked 'copy' worthy. I did not appreciate the attitude is all.

Rant over :)


Bri said...

lol. One of my exs is a photographer and before he went pro he was often harassed by Walmart photo center. Poor little snot probably can't take a picture to save her life, go ahead and take it as a compliment, it's a lovely photo.

Christina. B said...

Love the photo. You should invest in a photo printer if you getting into photography, canon and hp have some real good ones.

Melissa said...

I think next time you should have them develop some porn ;) (No I'm not serious! But give them something to *really* get picky about!)