Saturday, February 2, 2008

50mm of Fun :)

Day 173 - 02/01/2008

*SQUEEL!!!* It came today...and I been a'playin.

Edit: You know the whole 'don't talk about celebrities' thing? Well, I'm gonna kinda break that one for a sec. Not that this person's a celebrity...but... Ok, Richard Hatch won survivor (I don't know first or second) and didn't pay his taxes. Seriously? He won a MILLION dollars on tv and didn't think the IRS would be watching?? OMG, is he a moron? (yeah...that runs through my head anytime I hear about him...apparently the conviction was upheld..DUH)


Marylin said...

SQUEEEEEEE indeed!! throwing in a WOOOOOT for good measure too ;)

Kendra said...

Lol, thanks :) I just found out today that my last package from Amazon has means I have to wait a few more days. *breathe* But, I'm ok...

Then I'm just waiting on my order from MPEX with light-goodies. SQUEEL again :)