Saturday, February 2, 2008

REAL Post for Today

I thought I'd pop in again because I'm addicted and the other post for today was kinda sparse. BTW, I knew once I posted something about what I 'don't write about'...I'd end up breaking it. Something would come along and I'd HAVE to open my mouth and address it. Kinda like: I found out the candidate I was rooting for withdrew. Grrr..

I'm still reading a book about Business Practices for Photographers and my mind is reeling from legalise, contracts and their negotiations and the guy kinda being a pompous a$$. But I've learned a lot.
Now I'm kinda in a jumbled mess. I have some good information rolling around in my head, along with ideas for writing up a business plan, and I can't seem to put them in an orderly line. I am having a hard time deciding where to start.
I've put myself on a deadline. Next week I will turn in my application for business license and pay their fee and take my news-brief by the newspaper. I want to have all of my forms, contracts and plan in place before I start getting calls from potential clients. So that leaves and a half days. Yikes! *breathe* I can do this....I can do this....I can do this...


On another subject: I'm posting a picture of my husband here that I took last night (with my new 50mm and I noticed something. See..I'm an 'eyes' person. To me the eyes can say SO much more than words do. So...I used to take pictures of Sean and there was a look in his eyes of "I don't care, get me out of here, you know I'm doing this so you'll shut up, this is a compelete waste of time." But...2 nights ago I took a photo of him and, though I deleted it because the lighting was bad, there was a new look in his eyes. Then last night I took another pic of him and Ike and there it was again. I suddenly see pride, hope, perhaps even faith in me. It is such a startling change that my breath caught. I've been seeing the same (bad) look from him for years....this is so new and welcomed that it made me emotional. Its amazing what a little support has done for my outlook on everything. Now it feels like I'm not fighting alone.
And...when others support me I don't have to ask myself "Now, why doesn't He support me??"

Please God, don't let it change.