Sunday, February 24, 2008

Give Way

Joy gave way to Anger
Anger mingled with Sadness
Sadness took off on her own
& Tears fell.

The Couch

(last nice thing we owned. May seem petty to some, but when you've lost everything including the home your son got his first big-boy bed in and where your daughter spent her first couple years of life - it is a big deal.)

As it turns out - couches are no match for a lonely pit-bull mix locked in a garage.

The Offender

*chants It's only 'stuff' - not a child. It's only 'stuff' - not a child.* and goes on with her day, waiting for Joy to take back control.


Marylin said...

aww I hate when something like that happens :( ((big hugs))

Kendra said...

It was a shock...yet I didn't want them to put him in the garage for that very After I had calmed down my husband apologized. I told him it would not have been such an emotional deal if I'd had some He, and everyone else in the house, had known for like 3 days.