Monday, February 25, 2008


Today was a good day. Sean, Jenn, Chad and I (along with the 2 girls) drove up to Springfield. Other than waiting in the car for an hour while Jenn and Chad were in the bank, it was fun. Took the girls to McDonald' know the one with the Gigantic Hamster tubes...Oh Yeah! Lylli was all over it. As soon as I saw her disappear it seemed like she was coming down one of the slides. That child is Quick!
Baby H fell for the power of the slide once...and never did it again. We were all shocked that she actually traveled up the tube, I think she was shocked when all she found at the end was a huge red slide.

We drove to Best Buy afterwards and I finally got my own copy of PSE6. Yay!!!! Sean informed me that he'd like to try photo editing...what has gotten into him?

Around 7 I went to smoke a cig...and fell asleep until a little bit ago. I guess I just had too much fun today...and only having 4 hours of sleep last night probably didn't help.