Friday, February 22, 2008

Nearly Midnight

Today was an easy day. I got to sleep in and take pictures...couldn't have been better. The boys were home from school today but so was Jenn...she's been dealing with a head cold.
The weather is still frigid cold and the roads are a solid sheet of ice. I saw a salt truck go by...and I heard the ice laugh at it. It's THAT cold.

I talked to an old friend today in messenger. It amazes me how 2 years can change lives yet two people can still be friends. I think we're gonna meet up soon and have lunch. It would be nice to finally meet her :).

Short post tonight.....365 days is taking a lot out of


Marylin said...

ahh sounds like a great day :) I love what you said about the ice laughing - very well written!

365 isnt so bad if ya have a lot of meme's to do, but then I have the opposite prob of probably not putting quite enough normal posts in there >_<

Anonymous said...

Wow, I saw Blog 365 as an option after NaBloPoMo and thought, "Who'd be crazy enough to do that? 30 days was hard enough!" My hat off to you. I think my brain would be mush by now.