Thursday, February 21, 2008


Day 185 - 02\21\2008

Took this tonight in an effort to figure out my light setup. So far I've had a guy say he may have nightmares. I can honestly say that my intention has never been to give a man nightmares...I have officially outdone


Bri said...

hmmm. I wouldn't say nighmare-ish, but it's definitely creepy. ;)

Marylin said...

eek! It is a bit of a scary pic! Love the lighting tho :D

Melissa said...

Damn girl! Lol! :D

Kendra said...

When I first thought of this picture I wanted a black background, but keeping with the same 'style'. It jut morphed from there. Once I added the texture layer with red it looked like blood and completely changed the image for me.

Thanks for the comments, Ladies :)