Monday, March 31, 2008

A Bit of Randomness

First on the list: Sean told me I have to sell my digital video cam that I got for Christmas before I can get another camera. I like having it...but I knew when I had him buy it that it wasn't what I really wanted. I just wanted a simple point & shoot to carry with me (and now to use the macro setting for the DualflexII that I won on ebay). I'm taking bids, lol. I paid $100 for it..but I'm OPEN on what I'll take for it. Best offer, lol. I'll be honest, he told me that he doesn't care what I get for it as long as I sell it (not give it away)...even if its for 5 bux. Let the bidding begin! :) (click on any photo to look at them larger on my flickr photstream)
Aiptek Digital Video CameraFront view and screenSide ViewTop View

I dreamt about my dad. I was going to get my tattoo but was having a hard time finding my way. He showed up out of nowhere to help me. I told him that mom didn't want me to get one. He kinda laughed and asked what she 'was going on about this time'. I told him her reason, which is that someday I she may need my blood and I won't be able to give it because I have a tattoo. He laughed and told me it was silly and I should do what I felt I needed to. As he said this he showed me his on the inside of each wrist and I glimpsed more on his arm. (my father did not have tattoos, lol) One of them was a bright green frog with some kind of thought bubble...I wish I'd been able to read it. For some reason we were suddenly at a food bar and I was getting a salad. When I put the lettuce on my plate I noticed that their were camera filters and lenses...kinda like a grab bag. (Hoping maybe there is a connection between lettuce=cash and lenses/filters=my photography??)
Somewhere after that I tried to follow him to the tattoo place...but there was a crowd and I lost sight of him. Everything kinda went black (I felt awake, but know I wasn't) and I started crying in my sleep asking for just a little more time with him...then my daughter woke me up. Isn't that the way it happens? lol
So...I was going through boxes today and found a folder that had belonged to my dad. He always carried some kind of satchel or briefcase. It usually contained things he held very dear to him. Lots of photos, his resume, awards he'd recieved, baseball cards that he felt were the better of his collection, a bag of coins (usually $1 type) that he could change in if he needed to...just kinda a mish-mesh of stuff. Anyway, this folder was one that he always carried in that bag.
I was surprised to find this photo:


I don't remember having ever seen it before. I recognize my brothers and sisters, and of course, my dad. It may be his first? wife...I'm not sure. Perhaps my sis-in-law could tell me?
I know one thing...the fact that he carried it with him meant it was important to him. Period.


Anonymous said...

The picture is of Ruth and Kenny, Willie, Shelley, Rick and they are holding Jeannie.

Anonymous said...

Ruth was Kenny's second wife.

Kendra said...

I had the kids right...just wasn't sure that was Ruth. Thanks :)