Monday, March 24, 2008

Coming down from a sugar and Chuck E. Cheese high

Oh what a night!!!
First I want to say that yes, my mother is driving me nuts while she's here.

Moving on - we decided to celebrate Isaac's birthday tonight even though his b-day isn't until the 30th. My little boy is getting so big.
He's always wanted his party to be at Chuck E. Cheese and this year has kinda been about giving my kids the little things that we haven't been able to until we gave in. The kids got to play for about an hour and a half and all the adults were exhausted (bodies and pocketbooks) by the time we left.
We filed back into our vehicles moaning and wishing we were at home in our PJ's. BUT....

On the way to Springfield mom and I heard the van making a funny sound like a far-off ambulance siren. Mom wouldn't let me leave the parking lot without telling Sean about it - and it turned into another hour as Sean drove all over town looking for an auto parts store. He said that if we had drove it home it could have caught fire. Fun. But, here is a short convo between my mother and I after Sean told us this:

Mom: would pay off your car if that happened and you could get a new one. (we both laugh)
Me: Um...I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but you don't move very fast. (You know, in case the van became a metal inferno)
Mom: I could just fall out and roll away.

Ok, so maybe it was only funny to us :).
Oh, something else funny: I went to the bathroom to check on mom and left Jenn with the Lylli and the cake. I came out just in time to see Jenn lunge forward in a mad scramble to keep the cake from hitting the floor...she lost the battle. Priceless!!


Marylin said...

LOL at your mum! That's a great convo :) Glad Isaac had a fun birthday party!