Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Look....yet again :)

Originally I had planned for this banner to be used for April...but I am just so ready for Spring, and I'm really proud of it, I couldn't wait any longer. I have NO patience...lol.

The other day I played in Photoshop for a while and made this ENTIRELY with the program. I'm giddy over it :).

Something I failed to mention last night about Isaac's party: He was playing this fireman game and Chuck E. came over to watch. Isaac asked the mouse to play and he/she said yes. I was floored and sooo excited. They even played for two 'cycles' of the game. It completely made his night. And, Chuck E. didn't even know it was his birthday party. We did not reserve space or make a 'party' reservation...this person just did it out of kindness.

Concentration and Unknown Glee

Chuck E. Fights Fires


Darcie said...

The header is fabulous!! I am impressed!! You might have to give a class on how to make blog headers!! :) I am clueless!

Kendra said...

Lol, I'm definately a newbie when it comes to PS and making headers...but I'm always here for advice and maybe a tutorial of some sort wouldn't be a bad idea. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Marylin said...

ooh so purty! I'd love to learn to do more with photoshop but first I'll need to get a version for my mac! >_<

Melissa said...

Nice job :)