Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ides of March (again :) )

Ok, just so everyone else is the Ides of March (200 points goes to Melissa for answering
We spent our first night in the new place last night and it was SUBLIME! I walked around in my underwear...Oh It was hard to get my daughter to go to sleep though. 1) She was staying in her own room and 2) she didn't have the tv to fall asleep with. It was after 1:30 am before I was able to get her in the bed and the screaming to stop, but she did fall asleep in her own room and stayed there all night..wooo hoooo! And...Ike stayed in his room all night also.

The only drawback to the night was for Sean. He tried to take a shower and there was no hot the whole place. So we have to figure that out tonight. I tried to get him to go out and see if the pilot light was out...but he wouldn't cuz it was pouring rain...big baby. I mean, he was going to take a shower and get wet, right??

Today is Jenn's birthday. We are gonna watch the kids for her and Chad tonight so they can go out to eat. I already gave her b-day present to her....I am the most awesomest Best Friend ever. I got her a PINK digital camera....and now I want one like There is a setting on it for 'Negative' is so supremely cool.