Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newton's Laws

Today was one of those days where it just seemed like everything that could go wrong..did. At least when it comes to motorized vehicles.

The day started off easy enough - took my first shower in the new place, slept in a bit and had McDonald's with the kids. I'm still watching Jenn's kids for her so we drove over to her house to chat before she had to leave for work. Sean and Chad were set to get home about 7, like always, but they called and said they'd be late. They had to drive the 30 minutes into our 'high school' town to pick up Chad's two boys...ugh. I expected them home at 8:15...which is when I got the phone call telling me that they had just gotten there to pick up the boys which means it took them 2 HOURS to get there in the first place. The belt on Jenn's van came off 3 times on the way down there (which it always does when it rains).
I had been dreaming about coming back to our house. I'd cook supper for the family and then tackle boxes and get our dresser out of the living room and into our bedroom where it belongs. The pile of folded clothes on the dryer is getting too high to manage. They.Need.A.Place.To.Go!!
Needless to say, I wasn't happy and snapped at him...and informed him I'd be ordering pizza for me and the kids.
Soooo..I called Jenn at the pizza place and ordered. She said she'd be the one to bring it over. I waited...and waited. Finally I get a call: "Hey, this is your (pizza place) delivery driver...and I'm stuck." (It was Jenn being goofy) "Stuck?" "Um, yeah...the clutch on Sean's truck won't work and now the battery is dying." Enter the point of the evening where shoving a fork into my head sounded appealing. Then, she asked if she could use my van to finish out the night. I looked outside at my poor van as I said yes...and realized that my interior lights were on.
Yeah, that has been a problem for a few weeks now. I don't know how many times I've slammed every door on that van...and the light is insistent that it must stay on. Of course, Sean finally gets home, goes over and checks all the doors and the stupid light goes off for him...traitor.

I seriously hope your day was better :)


Yamashiro Kato said...

What is your e-mail? I've been trying to contact you.

Kendra said...

Hey Kato :) One that I think will be reliable is athsndwords@yahoo.com.