Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quiet Day...and prepping for Mom's visit

My mother is coming tomorrow.....ugh. I really wanted to have the house unpacked before she arrived, mainly because I know she will take over and everything will just got to shite. I'll let her put out things I'd rather throw away...and end up leaving it like that - at least thats the way things usually are.
She IS gonna watch the kids Friday night so we can share our 9 year wedding anniversary. I'm still pushing for our 10 year to be celebrated in Scotland - and by GOD I will KEEP pushing!!
Anyway, I'm not sure what we are doing...but we'll be kid free. She's staying through to next Thursday so be prepared for at least one rant post in the next week...from either me or my I think I made him physically ill when I told him how long she'd be staying. She can be a little too much sometimes :).
I'm blogging now (obviously, its mostly fodder) because I plan on knocking out as much of the boxes at my house tonight..less for her to go through. I would hate for her to