Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rough Day

I'm not sure if I'll be back online tonight so I thought I'd just type something up quick now. I'm in the process of fighting a headache *blech*.

So, I'm here watching the kids today and from the way the day has gone I'd swear its a full moon tonight. It started with them finding a stray cat and it getting away...and up a tree. Of course I didn't know it was up a tree until my friend's youngest son came in with his belly scratched beyond belief, from sliding DOWN the tree. Apparently his brother was holding him up there and just let him go. Then later a rock knocked a huge hole into the kitchen window - 'scratched belly' child had thrown a rock up there to get the cat to come down and it hit the window instead.
I walked out later in time to see my son sliding down the windshield of my van - from the ROOF! He knows he's not supposed to be up there...add that to earlier where he was climbing the fence (cat again). I made him come in - he promised he wouldn't climb on anything else - I let him go back out.

Then I found him on the roof of the truck. the two youngest boys (mine included) are in the house spazzing because they want to go out and its boring in here. DUH!

I have a MONSTER headache forming.

Oh...and Sean called...said he and Chad are working tomorrow - which means another full day of THIS. I may not be blogging tomorrow - I hear it might be difficult to do so from prison......or the nut house.


Marylin said...

I get the feeling I'm seeing me in a couple of years... ;)

Chin up hon - they will grow up one day! Maybe... hehe

Hope your headache goes soon, (hugs)

Melissa said...

Catching up while I have a few minutes and starting waaaaaaay back here!

You described this brilliantly by the way.

And how was prison? ;)