Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simulated Reality

I have a really lame excuse for not posting yesterday...but let me tell you the whole story first. :)

Back before I bought the new laptop, Sean and I had SIMS on our computers. All we had was the main game and 1 expansion pack - can't do a whole lot with that. So, fast forward to a few days ago.
I heard of this online game called Second Life and decided to check it out. At first it was kinda fun and you can customize EVERYTHING about your character...but...it really should have some kind of 18+ disclaimer. Just putting your age in will NOT keep out kids, and that is the scary part. At first I thought the 'bad' stuff was only on certain islands - like Sex Land. Yup, its exactly what its name implies. I found one island that was just for freebies, checked it out and Whoops! My son was sitting next to me when we saw the giant billboard for an anatomically correct female form - you know what I'm saying. I had to kick him out of the room because I didn't know what I was gonna see next.
I had the game on my computer for a couple of days...long enough to get sick to my stomach.
No, I'm not a prude. I enjoy sex as much as the next person. I'm not throwing a fit to get it taken off the internet - if people want to spend their days like that then 'to each his own' - I was just horrified that it was so EASY. It might say +18 on those islands - but it does nothing to verify or keep you out.

SOOO, I splurged and bought the Sims (1) Complete Collection. And...since I have the 'money' cheat code I spent all of yesterday building my house and furnishing it. I'll have to figure out how to get a screen shot of it for ya :). Its amazing what $99 Million can do, lol.

We got more of our stuff moved over Sunday - like my desk - and I've been trying to get stuff put away or ready for a yard sale. I found a few things that got broke...but nothing that I really treasure.

OHHH, I almost forgot. You ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong - but you aren't sure how bad it was until a few days later? Apparently I had one of those the other day. A friend of mine bought my digi-video cam. I mailed it to her...and got it back in the mail yesterday. Yeah...I put her name on the 'to' line - but my address. I feel like such a complete moron.


Melissa said...

"Its amazing what $99 Million can do"