Sunday, April 13, 2008


Pulling into the Walgreen's parking lot. I was helping our son with math *snort*

Son: "Is 8+8, 18?"
Us: pause "Is it?" (cuz we've been trying to get him to trust himself more...he's usually right.)
Son: "I think so..."

Then he guess something else and Sean told him no. I had a brilliant idea with helping him figure it out.

Me: "Hold up eight fingers...then hold up eight more..."

Sean STOPPED the car. In the middle of the parking lot...and looked at me. That, of course, is when it hit me what I'd said.

Sean: "Blog THAT!"

(He told me that I had to blog this to get back at me for blogging about his "where mommy comes from" comment, lol.)


Marylin said...

hehe that sounds like the sort of thing I would say! :P