Monday, April 7, 2008

TTV Explained

I was asked to explain what the heck I've been talking about...I'm such a dork for not doing it anyway :). So, this is the new camera. It is a Kodak Duaflex II that I got off of ebay for 99 cents. It even came with the flash 'head' and 6 flash bulbs. I'd love to try some film with it someday. But for now...

The new camera

This is what it looks like through the viewfinder. Modern cameras have the viewfinder on the back of the camera and you look through at eye level. This camera is meant to me held at about your waist and you look down into it.

Looking down

So, I take either my Point and Shoot camera and use the Macro focus setting...or I use my Canon DSLR and my set of macro filters and shoot down a 'tube'. The tube blocks out extra light and also kinda steadies the camera that you are using to take the actual picture.


When I take the picture this is what I see in my digital camera's viewfinder:

The Shot

Then I use Photoshop (or any other program) to crop it down so only a small bit of the black shows as a border for the photo.

The whole thing is called TTV or Through The Viewfinder. A great place to learn more about it and see all the different types of cameras and 'tubes' is THIS FLICKR GROUP.


Melissa said...

I remember those cameras. My dad had one :)

Bri said...

Oooh, ok! That makes sense. I've seen those cameras before. You might be able to find the film somewhere, I bought a Kodak Brownie off ebay once and was able to find film for it.

Bri said...

It's the Outlander series, and since you mentioned Diana Gabaldon, you have probably already read it! ;) ok, you can breathe now! lol

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