Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conversation Goes Awry

My 6 year old nephew asked to read me a book...I said sure. I had no idea what I was in for.
Its an 'I spy" type riddle book. He gives the description, I have to tell him the animal.

P: *reading* I have big ears and a long nose. I have small eyes and long testicles. What am I?
Me: Um...long what? (cuz, you know..I was only half listening until that point, lol)
P: Test..icles.
Mo:Let me see.
P: Oh...tusks.
Me: ok (laughing hysterically inside...and knowing that I had to blog it immediately.)

Just thought I should share. I was seriously wondering for a second what kind of book they are giving first graders now.

Thank God he didn't ask me what testicles are...I'll let him save that convo for his parents. (For the record, he calls that part of the anatomy 'crackers'....no, I have no idea why)


Melissa said...

LOLOL! Brilliant!! -And I love your reaction! :D