Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Day, Another Headache

I meant to post last night, but when I turned on the computer the throbbing started again - on cue.

Yesterday I met my mother and second momma in Springfield to see a movie. Lylli went with be, mainly because she is attached to me by an invisible bungee cord and I imagine it would have hurt if it suddenly pulled taut while I was there without her and she flew 30 miles and smacked into me.
Anyhow, sometime before the movie started I turned my head and it felt like someone was cutting into the part of my skull behind my ears. It didn't last long, but that was my warning. Half way through the movie I started cramping...again...and the headache hit with full force. It always happens on the last day of 'the visitor' (which I promise to not talk about ever again if I can keep from it, lol). By the time we left there I couldn't even concentrate - and I still had to drive home.
I snapped at mom...and then begged her to just leave me alone until the Darvocet kicked in. It seems I have no internal censor when I am in pain.
After the 3rd Darvocet last night I was able to sleep - and sleep very well, I might add.

So, we saw Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey. It was so cute and FULL of Scotland-y goodness. I'm telling you, if I had not been in so much pain I would have been crying when the sweeping views of rolling Scottish hills appeared on the gigantic screen. I did spazz a little when I noticed that the 'home' of the girl's love interest was the Eilean Donan castle. Oh, and there were Highland games, and men in kilts and that lovely Scottish accent...I must watch that movie again :). Its a great 'girly' movie - and I think guys might even enjoy it too.