Friday, May 9, 2008

Photo Frenzy

I've been gone for a few days from here. I think I may have needed a break...or just had to let life catch up with me. I have quite a few things to mention, so lets get started, shall we?

Tuesday - Mom watched the kids so Sean and I could go see Iron Man. OMG that movie ROCKED!! Sean is still in shock that I didn't know the 'Iron Man' song...and I was in shock that he didn't know Carpe Diem meant Seize the Day. Also, we ate at a new Mexican place here in town - Authentic Mexican food. Soooo good. The funny part came after we ate though.
Sean and I ventured forth from the building toward our car. I was a few steps ahead so when he addressed the owner I didn't make out all of what he said. By the time it reached my ears I turned on him and asked "What...did you just say to him??"
"Ah, I was just telling them good night."
"No...what did you say?"
"Buenos Nachos."
Bwahahahaha "Sean, it looks like the pasty white girl is going to have to tell the Hispanic husband that its Buenos NOCHES.....not nachos. You just told him good nachos. Dork.....I am sooo blogging this."

The he threatened that he's going to get a blog just so he can make fun of me online. I told him to "BRING IT ON, BIG BOY!"

Thursday - Now for the photo fun. I know its a lot, and you can find bigger versions by clicking on any pic. It will take you to my flickr stream :). I realized that some people may never check there so it may not be a bad idea to post more photos here every now and then :).

Ike Jenn and Big HWink ;) Eye See You
Purple Heart