Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So yesterday was my birthday - and I actually planned to post some cute little glittery thing all day to celebrate...and forgot. I just wasn't up to it.

You know that funk? Um...its kinda back.

Yesterday was pretty blah. Ike was feeling better so he decided to turn back into a butthead. I had to take the crutch away (not that he needed it anyway) because he thought using it as a weapon against his sister was fun. It was nearly effective in breaking the light in the dining room.
I had to deal with the cranky AC man again. He spazzed because we had been running the AC and it was froze up. We didn't know....that is why we called you guy. That man is a jerk.
After Sean got home and took Jenn's kids back to her house Isaac and I played with a ball of tape outside like it was a baseball. You know, I forgot how much I loved playing catch. He was amazed by all my one-handed catches (we won't tell him that I was too, lol) and all of my throws were dead-on (WOOT!). When Sean got back he got his bat out and we had batting practice. My arm was sore when we were done but OMG it was Fun!
I haven't tried to hit a ball since high school....and that wasn't very often. I was always the loser kid that made everyone groan when she walked up to the plate - she could NEVER hit the ball. I was actually doing pretty well last night though...even Sean said so :).

He's been pretty jazzed up lately. The Harley shop he works for said they would sponser a softball team if he put one together - and he did. He is sooooo excited. Guys (and girls) actually lined up to play - I think their first game is in a week or so. He loves that he can call himself the manager :).

I've got some pics up on flickr of my birthday bowling party. I've got some strange friends :).