Monday, May 19, 2008

Double Super-Sonic Speed {Part 2}

So - after all the tests were run the doctor came in and told us that there were no broken bones and they could send him home with some pain meds and an excuse from school for a few days - end of story. (I didn't realize at the time that I kinda left last night's post in a cliffhanger.)
Once out in the waiting room, Isaac and Lylli announced they were going back with my brother and sis for the night. I had mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I knew I should take my baby boy home and love on him - but I didn't want to hurt their feelings by taking both the kids. So - judge me how you will - I let them go to my brother's house...and Sean and I drove back to Springfield to have a little fun. The drive back was spent kicking ourselves in the butt for being so selfish in the first place.

We got into Springfield around 11 pm and met up with everyone at the bowling alley. By this point though I was just fighting sleep. I had spent the majority of the day stuck in a vehicle. I did manage to chill out with my friends though - and even made a couple new ones. I'll post some pics here tomorrow...I have to ask Sean who a few of them are though. I know them by, not-so-much, lol.

We finally got home about 2 am and then I remembered we'd be waking up at 7 am to head back to Springfield to Sean's work (Denney's Harley-Davidson) for the MDA ride. I photographed it :). That was the main reason I let Ike and Lyll go back with my bro - I had committed to doing the photos at the event and I knew Isaac would not be up to hanging around there all day in his condition.
I had an awesome time there. Last year when I photographed the HOGS for Dogs ride I didn't know anyone and was intimidated - I mean, they're bikers! This year was totally different. I met clients, the President of the HOG chapter in Springfield (and his lovely wife, Missy, who totally agreed with me that Sean should buy me that ring I saw in the catalog), and I figured out the manual control on my camera - like totally :). I'm still going through the mound of photos I took but will upload them as soon as they're done. I can not wait for the HOGS for Dogs ride this year - I'm telling you, there is nothing more incredible than standing on the grass by the road as all the bikes start up at once and begin to leave the site. Its like thunder...and crack...all rolled into one. Oh, and being able to hear them coming back long before they pull in the driveway - sublime :).

PS - Our AC is on the fritz - AGAIN! They should be coming out tomorrow to look at it. I just hope its not the idiot again.