Tuesday, May 13, 2008


*I wonder how many passer-by I'll get for that title who are looking for tech stuff. Sorry guys - not that kinda post.*

I may have mentioned before that I'll be covering a wedding in July in Atlanta, GA. The other day my sister called and said that it is now only a reception. The bride and groom are getting married in a small, private ceremony at the end of this month. Even though I was stoked to be doing my first wedding, its now turned into something that I have experience with - an event. I'm still gonna rent a couple of lens' to get some creative shots - I'm soo excited about it :).

The original idea was that I'd fly down, but after doing some looking around on the web I decided to take the train. I'll be going from KC, MO to Chicago (with 4 hours or so downtime till the next train) then from Chicago I'll go to Washington, DC (with about 6 hours there) and then to Gainesville to meet my sis. Some people would say I'm going waaaay out of my way on this trip - but that is what I like about it. Not only will I travel to some places I've never been before, but I'll actually have some time to look around a bit. Yes, expect TONS of pictures :).

In total, the trip (including the gig) will be a week. I feel like I'm going to pass out from the excitement.

Something completely unrelated: The Chipmunk movie is the cutest ever! If you don't comment on their cuteness every time there is a close-up on their little Chipmunky faces - you are dead inside. Dead.