Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exploding Children

Today was one of those days that, when finally over, you really have no idea what happened. At all.

The only thing that even bears mentioning is a conversation I had with my son tonight. Sean and I were talking about skydiving and I mentioned that Isaac's teacher has done it - more than once.

Ike: Skydiving is dangerous. Wanna know why?
Me: Uh...why?
Ike: If a kid was gonna skydive...they'd explode.

Um.......oooo-kay?! And he heard that where? Sean, of course, told me to blog it :)

And..just now, my daughter was standing next me and I noticed a scratch down the side of her face that was not there a little bit ago. I made a comment about it...asking what happened. She said "No, I didn't scratch it...............the ants scratched it. Bad ants."

Bad ants indeed!


Bri said...

lol. Damn those ants! They're tricky bastards.

Kendra said...

Bwahaha...I know!!