Friday, June 27, 2008

Jeminy Crickets!

Sooo....Hi. *waves sheepishly*

Let's dive right to the self-pity, shall we? I'm a goober...blah blah blah.

Ok, now that's over let's get on to something a bit more fun.

There is a trailer park beside ours that had a drug raid today. My son was sitting on a pole sticking out of the the fire hydrant...watching...wearing a Spiderman outfit that has more holes in it than swiss cheese. He was kinda giddy when the woman got put in the cop car - yes folks, on an average day my life is that boring. I was kinda giddy too. Or maybe I was just giddy because I actually had 2 neighbors on my porch watching the whole thing with me. Both knew the girl getting arrested - and were gossiping about everyone and their cousin.

HOLY CRAP - I live in a REAL trailer park!! Is it sad that I think its cool and amusing to kinda be included in it all? At least they weren't talking about me, right?

New project - like I needed another reason to smack myself in the forehead on a daily basis.
NaBloPoMo is doing this monthly themes thing - and July is food. So, in an effort to show how much food is a part of my life (grrrrr) I decided "Hey, why not blog about it too?" Makes sense, right?
However, I'm going to try to put it to good use as well. My first post is about me being a picky eater and in that spirit I'm going to try to post healthy recipes for picky eaters throughout the month. (is throughout supposed to be one word or 2?)
I typed in a search for 'healthy recipes for picky eaters' - and they were all geared towards kids. This is NOT starting out well for me, lol.

Wish me luck. Oh...and the blog is at Come check it out and feel free to say hi. Also, sharing stories of your own pickiness - or picky kids - is very welcome.

(If any of you peeps could give me a shout out in the comments section it sure would give me a boost. Been feeling kinda down lately - not over home-blog. Ok..its sad...I'm begging for blog-love., lol.)


Melissa said...

Is it wrong that I found all of this very funny?

Kendra said...

Lol, not at all :). I'm glad you did :).

Ronnica said...

Here's a shout out. I have just been catching up on my feed reader from my vacation the week before last!