Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo Fueled Post Ahead

So, Sean and I went to Oklahoma the other day (and no, I couldn't resist singing OOOOOk-lahoma where the wind comes... the whole way there, much to Sean's annoyance) and I got a couple shots on the way down. Unfortunately I did not get a shot of the one thing that was the most photo-worthy: We were driving along and came upon this HUGE cemetary in the middle of nowhere. Standing next to it was a building. When we were upon the building I read what it was representing...and nearly died (seriously) from laughing. Next to this huge, old cemetary was a white building with the words "Meat Packing Plant" on the front. OMG - are you kidding me? Who thought that was a good idea? OR do they just have one hell of a sense of humor....

Ok, so on with the show. Just outside of Joplin there was this building peeking over the trees. I have no idea what it is but it was strange and in the middle of nowhere, which made it super cool and photo-worthy. Its not possible to see how tall it was....but we are talking sky-scraper.


Then there was this little blast from the past. Last time I saw it was about 16 years ago. MUST STOP next time we go through.

McD's Overpass

This guy was standing just inside of Big Cabin, OK. I didn't get this shot until the way home, so its dark and blurry, but you get the idea. Note the "tiny" truck behind it.


Then we met Sean's totally cool sis, Erica. Hope she doesn't kill me for posting this :)


Then we met the most adorable and sweet kids: Baby E and K (names withheld to protect the innocent, lol). Baby E has those cheeks that a person could just Num-Num on all day. See for yourself!

Baby EK was Shrek-ed

Ike and K had so much fun: I've never heard Isaac laugh like that, unless he was being tickled. It was beautiful and sweet. Baby E helped me adjust settings on the flash and camera and made the whole unit complete by adding some of her sweet, teething drool to it.

Then, yesterday, I lost my mind and finally added highlights to may hair. They were supposed to be hot pink....but by the time we were done I had magenta hair. In the rinse process everything kinda mingled so I look like a chic who went to have her hair dyed red and someone got it wrong. See:

Day 230 - 06/09/2008
BUT this is not to reflect on Jenn's MAD hair skillz - I blame it on the color we bought and the natural color of my hair. Its just too dark and I was not willing to bleach it in any way before hand. (Wow...don't I look insanely enthused in these?? LOL)
And now, some gratuitious kitteh shots (it is a local stray that came to use last night):
Kitty KittyDrinky-DrinkyMilk Beard
There are a few more pics of the kids and stuff on my flickr page, but I think this is enough for now :).


Bri said...

I drove through Oklahoma with an exboyfriend and my sister once and we randomly broke out into OOOOOklahomas but we didn't know any of the rest of the words! We finally called my mom to find out a couple of lines, but everytime I even HEAR the word, in my head it's OOOOOOklahoma!

Kendra said...

Lol, I'm 100% with you. No matter what, since I watched the movie as a kid it has always been that way :). Glad I'm not the only one.

I think Sean was glad when we got out of there so I'd stop :).