Monday, July 21, 2008

Late Nights

Saturday Jenn and I had the brilliant idea of driving to Springfield to meet up with the guys. She had her daughter and I had my 2 kids. The plan was to follow the guys to a town 30 miles east to get a truck and then drive to a town an hour and a half away from that...and then back home.

We clearly did not think this through.

It was nearly 4 am when we got home...and we left before the guys because we had finally come to our senses...and Jenn had to be up at 8 am.

Then, on Sunday night, my mom watched the kids and Sean and I had a date night. Instead of being happy with watching a movie here in town I wanted to change it up and go to Springfield. I did not know that Dark Knight was a 3 hour movie!! (Liked the movie, BTW...didn't love it, but liked it. I did love Heath Ledger as the Joker....SUPERB!)

The bliss of the weekend came this morning when I was able to sleep in until noon without anyone waking me up, asking for toast or Barbie movies and crazed screaming.

I have not forgotten about the Blogoversary thing...I will announce that tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it so tell your friends..and then tell your enemies :).