Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stretched Thin

Summer is definately getting to me. I had hopes that the sun would rejuvenate me, and things were going well until summer actually hit us. Spring was a dream filled with water-hose fun and minor sunburns. The days were perfectly warm...

and then HOLY $HIT ITS HOT OUT THERE began.

I'm stuck in the house all day with the kids, but give me a day off and I will STILL stay in the house. I just don't do well with the whole 'sweating eyeballs' thing. Oh, and staying in my house isn't much better. Our A/C is junk. I can't do laundry during the day because the dryer and A/C together trip the braker (breaker?) and you *think* the A/C is on, but it tricks you by blowing warm air. Then, about 5 pm it gets unbearable in an oven. I can just feel my liver cooking!

and heat gives me yeah, that sucks.

In addition to the heat wearing me out, my mother lives here now. Every day or morning...or afternoon, that I have *off* she's calling me wanting me to take her somewhere. I'm ok with going places every now and then...but I'd like some time to myself where I don't have to focus on someone else.

Oh, and one other thing - I'm having some issues with our best friends. I won't go into it here like I'd like to - I don't think they ever read it, but I need to talk to them before I tell the rest of the world, you know?
Its just that it has been going on for a while and I'm just too passive. I can get hot-tempered and angry but I usually hold it in, tell Sean about it...and then eventually blow up. I'd like to take care of it before I lose my $hit all over the place....but I know me better than that.
More than anything I'm worried I'll say something stupid and make the issue 100 times bigger than it really is...and there is a certain person involved who can blow things out of proportion. I just don't need to be blamed for ruining a 15 year old friendship, lol.


My Life My Life My Life said...

I know what you mean about losing your $hit...I wrote this mornings blog two times before I settled on just saying I was having a bad day. All because I knew that my moment would pass and I would regret saying what, at the time, I wanted to say and the way I wanted to say it. Here's to keeping it cool! LOL