Saturday, July 5, 2008

Parades and Injuries

We had a blast yesterday. (snort...that was totally unintentional..I do that kind of thing a lot)

Anyway, everyone drove to Marshfield, MO for a parade and to hang out with Chad's family. The parade was L..O..N..G....but totally fun. Here are a few shots and, as always, you can click on any of them to see them larger at my flickr page.
Parade-Paint (and I have no idea what that face is all about)PatrioticParade PrincessOnly In Missouri
And...have you ever been stuck in traffic behind one of these?
Hmm..what comes out of this truck?
I'm sure you thought, like me, that they were full of concrete that was mixing until it was time to become a road or sidewalk. We were SO wrong....
I never knew kids was this vehicles main product..
And this one has to be seen larger. P got his head painted by one of the vendors. LOVE it!
P Gets Painted
And last, but NOT least, I photographed my first firework-related injury. I've always been the kind to look but not touch, which includes not lighting, the fireworks. This year I decided to be tough and light some sparklers. I did ok, until last night. I was lighting my first front of my mom. Admittedly I wanted her to think it was cool, that I was being brave...turns out I'm just glad I didn't cuss in front of her. But seriously, this would have been on of those times it was acceptable. I burnt my was on fire. I am a dork. (Posting it larger so you can see it better, lol)
Day 238 - 07\04\2008