Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still Alive

I'm writing to you sick as a dog. Sick, in the worst week possible. Why? We're moving.

Talk about your roller-coaster month, lol. We've had Lylli's birthday, and serious shortage of the green stuff, Isaac starting 2nd grade and now we are using the last week to move. A week that Sean had taken off for vacation :).
An apartment across the street from Jenn and Chad opened up - that's just something we couldn't refuse. Its only a 2 bedroom, but with the different layout its a lot bigger than what we already have. Except for the stove - an OMG its-so-tiny-and-cute stove.

On top of everything I've been battling depression - depression nearly as bad as it was 3 years ago. I've withdrawn far inside myself and I'm to the point where I dread going out. Every moment where I'm surrounded by other people feels like hell, where I'm on my last possible nerve. I've been taking my meds, so I'm starting to have good days again.
And then I get hit with this stupid sickness. Its the coughing, clogged head, sore throat variety, including shortness of breath. Trust me, I'm a walking joy factory right now, lol.

So, I apologize to anyone that stops by here. I know what its like to check up on my blog friends and keep finding their page unchanged. Just think of/pray for me. I promise to be around more in September. I'll keep working on myself and updating when I can get my head out of my butt, lol.


Marylin said...

Sorry to hear you're unwell at the moment hun.

I know you're probably sick of hearing this but Keep! Taking! the Meds! Even just a few days off can make you feel worse again. I know, I've been there again recently too.

Lots of love sweety, hope the move goes smoothly for you. xxx