Monday, September 8, 2008

Oreo's Debut

At 2 am, when I was trying to fall asleep, I realized I had not blogged yesterday as promised. I fought with myself about getting up and blogging right then - but it would not have been the entry about Oreo - it would have been a that I may write in a day or two. But, now that I've had a few daylight hours alone to watch real tv, I've decided that I must make good on the words of my last entry.

When I described Oreo, I should have said that she's nocturnal - and that wheel sounds like a coffee pot brewing when she's running on it. My kids LOVE to stand by her cage and say (in cute baby voices) "Oh, she's a cute wittle baby...Awwwww....such cute little feet". Its adorable really.

When Isaac was holding her the other day she nestled into his hands and cleaned her fur. I noticed that he is the only one she will do that with and I mentioned that she feels safe with him. He lit up like a Christmas tree.

Ok..enough teasing :) Here she is in all her tiny glory:

Day 244 - 09\07\2008
And that is 'nearly' actual size, lol. You can see from the photo that she has a black face and white middle. She also has a black tushy - which gives her the name an Oreo cookie.


Marylin said...

Aww bless, she's so cute! :)