Friday, October 17, 2008

Hypothetical Thursday - #2

Before anyone says "Um...Kendra...this isn't Thursday - at least not in my little part of the world. What planet are you on again?" I had a busy day yesterday, lol. My sister is up from Atlanta until Monday and I had to drag myself out of bed at Oh-God:30 to eat breakfast with her, then saw her off and on...then Sean's sis, Erica, and her family came and were here until late last night.
In other words....It was an awesome day :)).

Ok, last week I asked my first hypothetical question and I was Pleased to have 2 comments. The question was: IF you were given a Million dollars, what are the first 5 things you would do with the money?

Bri said...
1. Pay off my student loans and any other outstanding debt. 2. Pay off the debts of
my parents and sister 3. Send my little brother to college. 4. Take my mom and aunt on
a trip around the world 5. Buy all the tech gadgets that I've been wanting but can't afford. ;)
Michelle said...
Good question ...1) Pay off all debts. 2) Pay off our car. 3) Buy a house. 4) Take a nice
vacation. 5) Find a new job ... where pay isn't as big of factor as it is today. (Absolutely...and I LOVE that neither of you said, flat out, quit my job. 4 stars for each of you, lol)
(Thank you Bri and Michelle :) )
Now for my answer: First I would buy 2 homes - one for my family and one for Jenn's family, that are together on a good sized piece of land, complete with a garage for the guys and a building for my photography studio (but the houses would not be huge - I don't understand why people go crazy like that, lol) and a smaller home for my mom next to my house. Then I would pay off any debt that isn't wrapped up in bankruptcy like med bills from here in Missouri and my student loans. Third I would buy new vehicles for Sean and I. He'd get the tricked out truck he wants and I would get my lust-worthy, green Ford Flex (have you seen those? I drool during every commercial). Fourth, pay off a year family membership at a gym. I miss going to the gym and I need to be more healthy. Finally, I would invest some back into the economy. NOT a lot - and not high risk. High risk these days is pretty much flushing it all down the toilet.
This weeks Question: If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be (all expense paid, of course, lol)?


Bri said...

Hmmm, well if I could go somewhere RIGHT NOW, like next weekend, I would get on a plane and go to some place warm and lay on a beach with my guy for a couple of days. That sounds like heaven. ;)
If I had time to plan, I'd love to eat my way across Italy. My god, the CARBS!! Mmmmm!! LOL

My Life My Life My Life said...

I would go to a cabin but not just any has to be a hotelesque type cabin with all amenities BUT in the middle of a forest. Alone.

Anonymous said...

I would go to Ireland, England and Scotland. I would kiss the blarney stone, set my watch to Big Ben, have English tea, go to stonehenge, listen to bagpipes, visit a castle or two, drive on the wrong side of the road, see the crown jewels, paint a picture in 6 shades of green, and buy lots of nick nacks.