Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hypothetical Thursday - #3

Has it really been a full week since I posted last? Ok, I'll do better from now on - it was a crazy week with my sis here and I'll post on that tomorrow :).

Last week's question was: If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be (all expense paid, of course, lol)?

Your answers were:

Bri said...
Hmmm, well if I could go somewhere RIGHT NOW, like next weekend, I would get on a plane and go to some place warm and lay on a beach with my guy for a couple of days. That sounds like heaven. ;)If I had time to plan, I'd love to eat my way across Italy. My god, the CARBS!! Mmmmm!! LOL (I'll jump on the plane with ya and NOT ever let you feel bad for eating so many carbs, lol.)

My Life My Life My Life said...
I would go to a cabin but not just any has to be a hotelesque type cabin with all amenities BUT in the middle of a forest. Alone. (Oh, gosh, what I wouldn't give for that sometimes too :))

Anonymous said...
I would go to Ireland, England and Scotland. I would kiss the blarney stone, set my watch to Big Ben, have English tea, go to stonehenge, listen to bagpipes, visit a castle or two, drive on the wrong side of the road, see the crown jewels, paint a picture in 6 shades of green, and buy lots of nick nacks. Tonya (Oh heck yes!!! Lol, I like the way you think.)

(Thank you, thank you, to everyone that commented. You guys are awesome :))

Now for my answer: For anyone that has read this blog for any length of time you will already know what my answer is. SCOTLAND!!! BUT, so I don't sound like a broken record I'll say that I would take the trip that I had planned a few years ago. It would have lasted nearly a month and covered as many European contries as possible: Scotland (*gush*), Paris, London, Holland, Italy (definately Venice) and Spain if there was time. I figured I'd only ever get one chance to travel there so I'd make the most of it, lol.

This Week's Question: If you could have any super power, what would it be (and what would you do with it first)? Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I would want the super power of healing and would heal my mother of cancer.

My Life My Life My Life said...

Mine wouldnt be really a power... ummmm I would make an extra hour in the day just to BE and enjoy life at any given moment through the day. Seems like those precious moments are gone before you know it and you wonder what the heck happened to it.

Bri said...

Sorry, I forgot to comment when I read this last week! I've always wanted to have the orbing power from "Charmed". Did you ever watch that show? Think of how useful that would be! I could orb my laundry down to the basement, orb my trash out to the dumpster and orb messes into a closet if unexpected guests show up! ;) Mostly, though, I think it would be great to be able to travel that way. Just think of all the places you could see if you didn't have to pay for airfare and could still sleep in your own bed!! ;)