Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here I was, sitting at the hubby's computer and minding my own business. I had a fresh image of my dog twisted at odd angles in a chair, trying to lick the remaining food off of my daughter's plate.

Then, my husband says, "Make him get down."

I turn around to see this:
Heard Slurping...

I nearly peed myself (I say that a lot - I have 2 kids...what can I say?). He was slurping and dripping milk EVERYWHERE!

Caught.......Soooo caught.

And then he got his head stuck. Greed CAN do that to a body. (Or is it gluttony?)
My head fits.....See?


Burgh Baby said...

There is no denying that the milk mustache will be the hot new look of 2009. LOVE IT!