Monday, January 5, 2009

Honey, Our Nerd is Showing

My husband and I are HUGE Stargate fans - SG1 and Atlantis. Our best friends are not and think we are total nerds for being so into it.

Example 1:
While walking over to Jenn and Chad's house for dinner one night, and after Sean found my Christmas gift from my mother - an ion ashtray that he dubbed 'the spaceship'. This convo is about that spaceship.

Sean: I was afraid to use it, I thought maybe I'd disappear or something.
Me: Ooh, or get sent to a (crap, can't think of the term now, grr) 'parallel space' like in Stargate.
Sean: Yeah! Exactly. That whole 'can't eat or drink' thing would suck though.
Me: but you could sit in a room and do rude things and no one would ever know.
(ok, there was more to this but I started to remember when I started typing and..well, its just probably not appropriate....moving on :))

Example 2:
The other day Chad bought a HUGE remote from Walgreens. You know, the remote that you have to hold with both hands? Yeah. Anyway, Jenn was changing channels and Sean made a comment that made them question our sanity.

Sean: Its like your dialing a Stargate.
Jenn: Blank look and raised eyebrow that said, What the hell? (I totally know that's what she was thinking, lol)
Sean: You know, cause your having to use your fingers...
Me: (cause it wasn't bad enough already) There are these really huge buttons on the console thingy and you have to dial like this (started one-finger typing imaginary keys).
Now Jenn and Chad are looking at us like we've lost it. They don't say a word.
Me: (while Sean is still going on trying to explain it) Stop honey, our nerd is showing.

Tonight we practically did a happy dance in their kitchen when Sean checked Netflix and saw that the first 3 disks of season 2 of Stargate: Atlantis will be here tomorrow.

We ARE total nerds :).


Mackenzies Momma said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who lets their geek out like that.

I totally LOL @ the Remote Conversation as I can see that happening in my house.

(Btw- I think the term you were looking for to describe the spaceship is 'out of phase')

also *loving* the blog stumbled upon it the other day!

Kendra said...

Yes! Out of phase!! Thank you so much - it was driving me crazy :).

MommyJ said...

think about how much worse off you'd be if you didn't mutually love stargate. If only one of you felt that way, it wouldn't be near as much fun. :) Now you get to show your nerd together.

Crimson Wife said...

Too funny! I'm not a fan of Stargate but substitute Battlestar Galactica and I can totally relate :-)