Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday's Inquiring Minds (a day late)

I HAD to join in on this meme - even if I might be a day late. Bottles, Barbies and Boys is doing memes on real women and this one is about "Show off your doted Foo-Foo". Seriously...I'm joining because of the pic of her hubby with the feather boa and tiny bow in his hair...Priceless!

My pics weren't taken today - but they do show me dressing up my Foo-Foo's :).

Foo-Foo #1 - Chance (aka Chancers and Mr. Muggles)
He is not amused.
See! He loves his outfit so much he couldn't even look at the camera when I took his picture. I'm sure he felt he would strike people dead with his supreme cuteness. *snort*

Foo-Foo's 2 and 3 - Isaac and Lylli
Ironman and the Princess
When you live with a Princess and a Superhero, you must dress them appropriately. (minus the Crocs...I did not give him those....)

and finally, the Ultimate Foo-Foo - Sean (aka The Hubs)
Sean & the kilt
There is no better way to dress up this Spanish foo-foo than with a kilt and renaissance shirt :). (Ok..so maybe this one was strictly for me :))


Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

OMG...I just love your dog! If he pees on the carpet, send him my way!