Monday, September 14, 2009

George Bernard Shaw? Seriously??

Last night I had this dream where I can't remember what happened before this moment, but I was standing in a room talking to someone about a book and writing. The book was old, with a brown leather cover, gold lettering and browned pages. Just then, a man came into the room dressed from the early 20th century with a beard, glasses, hat and brown tweed suit, complete with watch chain and vest. He was very dapper.
He carried one hand inside his lapel.
I immediately knew who he was and gushed, in a very intellectual way, over him. "Mr. Shaw...its an honor to meet you." He smiled kindly and said "Thank you." I then made some comment along the lines of "I would give anything to read the early, rough drafts of your work. I bet they are truly something" and he remarked, that yes, they probably were and that he had some trouble starting out as well.

I can only think that this was a subconscious way of telling myself to take it easy and not be so hard on me. I've been working on a 'book' from a dream I had a few nights ago and I have been feeling discouraged.

Anyway, we chatted a bit longer and he gave me a hug. The thought that entered my mind was not "wow, I'm hugging George Bernard Shaw" but "Hmm, how funny, the Irishman hugging a Scot."

Now, until this morning when I googled him, I knew absolutely nothing about him. I did not know when he lived, where he was from, what he had written or looked like. All I was aware of was his name.
Imagine my surprise when the first line I read about him was that he was Irish. Holy Crap?! Then I saw his picture....same face, only in my dream it was a tad rounder, with the same beard and eyes. In the first picture on the page he is even wearing the suit that he was wearing in my dream.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to me lately. I've been having these dreams at night, so vivid and odd. Unlike other strange dreams, that I seem to have nightly, these have specific details that stick with me until morning. I wake up and google 'demeter' or 'george bernard shaw' and find things that I never thought I knew. Then, out of the blue I do random searches and find even more things that came from my dreams, I just wasn't sure what I was looking for...but I found them! All I keep asking myself is: "How do I know these things? Where is it all coming from?"


Mackenzies Momma said...

I too have been having oddly vivid dreams lately, with details and things I normally wouldn't contemplate.

One of them even recently inspired me to pick up a pen and paper to jot it down and then tweet friends for opinions.