Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obsess Much

I love the feeling I get when I finish reading a book that I especially liked. Usually I've been reading for so long that my eyes need time to adjust to the world around me. My immediate vision is cloudy, dreamlike. The world seems brighter and changed somehow, more electrically charged. My mind races with thoughts of what the characters are doing next, things they may have said...

I feel that feeling now after just closing the back cover of my current obsession. Normally I'd go on, telling you the name and how much you need to read it...but I just can't. Chances are, most of the people who may read this will already have read it...that alone should give you a clue I suppose. Even now I feel silly that I picked up the book to begin with, but it just sat there on top of the printer at my friend's house, fueling my usually controllable curiosity.

The thing is, I don't read what 'everyone' reads. I'm more comfortable reading something that it seems no one has ever read, an author not yet heard of by the masses. Then, for a short while, I can live peacefully alone in my adoration of the characters or yearning to be a part of their world. I truly read to escape and be a part of something else.
I don't flock to widespread frenzy titles, like Twilight or Harry Potter, like everyone else. Perhaps its a jealous reaction that I didn't find the mysterious vampire first...I don't know.

If I 'fall in love' with the male character I don't want to hear about a thousand other women, of all ages, who claim to love him more. That, I'm certain, is a jealousy thing. I have purposely stayed away from any forums or fan club sites of the Outlander series.
For me, the characters are simply mine. They exist with me, in my mind, and mine alone.

I see that this may come off sounding a little crazy. An insane internalizing of the story.
Perhaps it is...I'm ok with that.

I like the feeling of having these people, or lives, in my brain. I have many in there: Diana Gabaldon's Jamie and Claire, Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia and Brisbane, Ayn Rand's John Galt, Susan Kaye's Erik...among others. I think of them when I don't want to think of anything else, when I just need a distraction.

And sometimes I even think of them just because I miss them.

For now, this one story, is my 'dirty' little secret. One that I will hold close to me and ponder at will...and I will try with all I have within me to ignore anything I may hear, or see, outside of my own little bubble.

Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

I love a good book as well. One I have read recently and recommend is THE Awakening by Kate Chopin. It so describes the feelings of a woman, I just was overwhelmed by it. Enjoy your world, in whatever book it is, and it is nice hearing from you again

Mackenzies Momma said...

Its great to hear from you again.

I really try to stay away from the 'popular' books(don't even START me on Twilight, being a Washingtonian and all ;)).

I have one favorite that got turned into a TV series that while great(and sadly short lived) I sort of hated because it dragged more people into 'my' world.

I am rather curious what the book is but I know better than to ask as well its YOURS and I get that :)