Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doug Pitt

So my husband is sitting in our friend's kitchen tonight and starts to tell this story from work today about a bike, and customer they had in the shop (he works for Harley-Davidson). Chad pipes up with "They'll never believe you."

"So I'm checking in this guy and his bike...this bike was sweet too. We're talking a DVD player that pops up and out, saddle bags with one holding this SWEET amp like I have in my truck, a fixed ferring ('chopper' style front). (A woman who works there) was walking back to the service department and glanced at him...then she nearly stopped and stared at him. Then she pulls me aside and tells me its Brad Pitt's brother. So I looked his name up again in the computer and, sure enough, his name is Doug Pitt. So I told him that some of the women up front were talking and I just asked him "Are you Brad Pitt's brother." He kinda laughed and said yes. He was a really cool guy. Apparently the bike had been Brad's but he sold it to his brother."

Ok, Jenn and I were freaking out a little. Yeah, I knew that Brad's brother lived in Springfield and I see his face on billboards for a new education campaign that he's involved in but SERIOUSLY!! In my husband's workplace?? I started laughing like crazy and asked Sean "You actually ASKED him if he was Brad's brother??" There is no way in heck that I would have done that.

Then I was all "Dude, you're like one degree of seperation from Brad Pitt now." Chad goes "Hey! I actually worked on the bike."

Then Jenn and I high-fived. We are so jealous and proud, all at the same time :).


Mackenzies Momma said...

Well that's kind of cool. I totally wouldn't have said anything but that is mostly because I suck at interacting with 'normal' people(heck even the 'abnormal' ones are sometimes weirded out by me lol).

I mean I still recall with great clarity *exactly* what happened when I met David Hewlett and lets just say *NOT* pretty. I babble. Incoherently. While making stupid/dumb comments. In front of microphones. So yeah I wouldn't have said a *PEEP*

Jeri Lynn said...

That is sooo cool! Is he as hot as his brother?? lol... Oh btw I got me a blog now so I need HELP!! lmao ;o)I added you to my friends or something I'm not real sure what it was but it doesn't show on my page!

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