Thursday, December 3, 2009

OMG, Victoria Knows My Secret!!

So, the first year I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was 2006 (which, when I started this post I had no idea it had been that long) and was floored when there was a segment for Scottish themed stuff. I squealed and was in love. This was one of the outfits that I fell for.

This pic is crap - I THOUGHT I had blogged about the last one - I must be losing my mind. Her clothing is just can't tell. UGH.

SO, this year I considered not watching or caring, BUT!! I saw a photo on Yahoo! that demanded me to watch the entire thing.

Something I've been meaning to make a post about, and haven't gotten off my arse to do it, is that I'm completely enamored and in love with Steampunk. Sean and I have decided to decorate our house in this style - one piece at a time. For those that don't know it is a blend of Victorian and futuristic technology. There is a lot of metal and gears and OMG I love it. it. You'll come up with a zillion images to help you understand what I mean.

Anyway - I saw some Angels with gears on their wings and I nearly lost my mind. Enjoy :)