Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Did It!!

New tat

After 3 years of planning to do this, 3 years planning to face my fears and just jump in with both feet, I finally got my first tattoo!
First of all - I took this pic with Sean's new phone (and I hate him cuz his its awesome and I'm jealous)...Anyway!

It is written in Scottish Gaelic and means "Remember those you come from". Jake Dalton at Miller Cotton's Tattoos in Springfield, MO was the artist who put it there and, even though it was 10 at night and he'd worked a 12 hour day alone, he was incredibly kind and made me feel at ease.

The pain was nowhere near as bad as I had expected....but, I'm not ready to dive into my first full color back piece or anything :). My BF Jenn said it felt like needles going into your skin over and over again....exactly. There were only a few times I winced, but most of the time I could tune it out while we talked. I can NOT wait for my next one.

My mother was furious, as was her boyfriend/fiancee...my sister and brother are in shock that I actually did it. Me? I'm just excited that I'm officially the black sheep of the family :))!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

So sorry you had this done. It is something you will eventually deeply regret even though the translated sentiment is most laudable. Figuratively speaking, it could have been tattooed to your heart. It didn't have to be on your arm.

Mackenzies Momma said...

Looks really good (better than I'd imagined it). I *really* *really* want to get one but I've already decided that I'm enough of a black sheep at the moment so I'll just wait for grandmum to kick the proverbial bucket(she is *strongly* anti-tattoo thanks to grandpa's one he'd gotten when he was in the NAVY before he met her).

Kendra said...

Yorkshire Pudding: I appreciate your comment...even if I don't agree with you :). There are those who regret their tattoos, but I will not. While it is inked on my arm, it is in my heart as well. I have considered this for 3 years, researched, planned and I've spent many hours thinking about life after being inked. I'm not sure there is another soul that has put as much thought into this decision as I have. Thank you for stopping by.

Mackenzies Momma:
Lol, yeah, my mom wasn't happy AT ALL - but I made her touch it yesterday. She said its growing on her :). Jenn has one on her back and she hid it for 3 years from her dad...and she's 30, lol. I can't blame you at all for waiting :).

Mackenzies Momma said...

Yeah, well and I have to make sure I pick a design that I wouldn't mind getting more of if/when I have more kids. I had been thinking an outline of the toddler's little tiny newborn foot w/ her birthday in the middle of it. But a star wouldn't be so bad either.

Also- I just *have* to share this. So I'd bid on an item in the Propworkz auctions of Stargate props and such (you've heard about this right?) and it finally shipped today. It's supposed to arrive Friday.

Kendra said...

No, I hadn't heard of it....What did you get??? I must get more details on this Stargate prop auctions :).

My husband wants to have their feetprints tattooed. Either idea is great because you can group them together if you have more kids and it could look really cute.

Mackenzies Momma said...

Okay so a company in California got a crapload of Stargate props and have been auctioning them on Ebay. http://stargateartifacts.com/ is the site.

I bid (and won) on Kavan Smith's chair back. I'd also bid on his costume from Sunday but lost that in the last 10 seconds and by $5 (though in the end it was a *good* thing I lost).