Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to Basics

I promise I have started the post about Lars' time here. I guess its just all so personal still that I'm having a hard time finishing it. Maybe talking about our day-to-day lives will be easier once he's here....but, in a way, I kinda hope it isn't. I hope that once he's here to stay the moments are still as personal and precious as they are now.

As for today...I have been feeling really down lately. I'm looking for a new job and I'm not finding anything. Its difficult to deal with and having just run out of money completely, its all I can think about. I haven't seen my kids in a while now and I don't even have the money to renew my phone card. I've hit a brick wall and I am feeling lost.

So...I took a bleak, but mildly warm, day and tried to make it a little better. I took myself a couple miles out of town and took some photos of some things I've seen on my backroad adventures with Marti. Here are the pics:

Just outside of town there is a wooden railway bridge. I remember driving under it once or twice when I went to high school here. It has a certain charm to it.

Love Underneath the Bridge

I *heart* U

Then, further down the road, in the town where I live, there are some old farm buildings and railroad tracks...


Overcast Rust

and finally, in the park that hosts our annual Broiler Festival and where Lars proposed, there is a red caboose that has been there as long as I can remember.


Park Caboose

(need I say it? All photos are not to be used by anyone but me, Kendra. Leave them alone...walk away :) )