Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh What a Life

Since the last time I've visited my little web home-away-from-home, things have changed in multiple ways.

My new apartment, a place I was just starting to like, showed itself to be unfriendly in a nasty way. I started getting these red bites all over my skin...mainly the part that was pushed into the bed while I slept. They itched...a burning itch that only got worse when you tried to ignore it. I'd scratch and the itch was even worse, something that before the scratch I would not have thought possible. My arms, chin....COVERED in these awful bites. 3 weeks I just dealt with it. I hoped it was a rash, an allergic reaction..anything other than what I KNEW it to be.


Yup. And the worst part? The bed was brand new king size bed that Lars and I bought. I've had it since December of last year and Never a problem...

So, I moved out and back into my second momma's house for a couple weeks. At which time the guy that owns the motel/apartment I own said that he'd completely remodeled and I should move back it. Let me tell really looks good. Faux hardwood floor, baseboards, new paint, the tacky motel art is gone...

You polish shit, its still shit.

The bed AND couch he put in here had those dang bugs too. I asked him to remove them and he did...and bought me a futon. A CHEAP futon...with thin metal bars. Its like sleeping on The Rack. I more bugs. Granted, I have it in the middle of the floor and never let my bedding touch the floor. Just in case.

On the plus side of all this, as all good stories should have a plus side, I'm becoming one with my inner Voice. Well..wait..that kinda sounded like it made more sense in my head. What I mean is that I'm learning to listen to me and what I need and standing up for myself. I'm saying things to people that I wouldn't have before. I don't let people get under my skin quite the same way and I'm learning to confront when it matters. Not that I always do, mind you...or that I still don't want to punch certain people in the face when I hear their voice....but I'm getting better.

I've also spent my Monday and Tuesdays with the kids this summer. Swimming and going to shows and hanging out. Its been great to be with them. Right now I have to live with the little time I have with them...even though it kills me that we aren't together all the time. I got to watch Ike face his fear of the 8ft and jump in. I watched Lylli go from hugging the ladder to using the pool noodles to float and swim all around the 4ft side of the pool. Isaac got his first pair of drumsticks, signed by the coolest group in Branson (Jeerk). Lylli got licked by a giraffe. I fell on my butt at the waterpark. They got to watch their mother finally take her own medicine...I always tell them to be brave, and I finally showed them as well by moving out of the comfort zone in the pool. Ike said he was proud of me.

We were just busy all summer being happy in an imperfect situation.

This post was just a mashup of things...but now you know :)