Friday, September 7, 2007

Playing Catch-up

Its been since August that I've posted on here. I just wasn't comfortable with writing in a public place like the library. Now I'm at home, in my PJ's making a new post and it feels great.
Let's see...what has happened recently? I'm just getting over the worse case of bronchitis I've ever had. I had to get a shot of steroids in each butt-cheek on Tuesday of this week just so I could get some relief. I've also not had a real cigarette since last Friday. I've sniffed them and lit them so they could dangle out of my mouth, but no inhaling. Guess I'm quitting :). I needed to anyway.

I was always one of those momma's that said my son would never play football. Even though I love the sport a lot and can lose my voice at every high school football game I go to, I just couldn't bear the thought of watching my little guy get tackled. Well...I gave in. Since there are 2 other boys in the house now that wanted to play I decided I'd let Isaac do it too. I'm including a pic of him I took last night at practice. He doesn't have his jersey yet, should be next week, or his pants. I'll take a better pic of him when he's all suited up.