Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Update and Firsts

I'll start with the update first. Took Lylli to the doctor yesterday and expected to come back home and blog about the horrible idea of putting the Pediatrics office, and various others, so far away from the hospital - where I had to go for Lylli's x-ray. That is, until I left the hospital and decided to go around the curve and try to find my way back to the clinic a different way. Um...as soon as I got around said corner...I realized that the pediactrics office sits directly BEHIND the hospital. When I left the clinic I drove the opposite way, and about 2 miles around town, to get to the hospital the only way I knew how. I felt like such an idiot when I got back to the clinic after x-rays. I kept saying "Duh!!" to myself..lol.
Anyway, I got the privelage of seeing my daughter's x-ray and nearly fell over at seeing the huge balls of "stool" lining each side of her tiny body. In the Doc's opinion, Lylli struggles so much because she's trying to hold it in...not get it out. So, she prescribed Lylli a new kind of laxative that I can buy over the counter and an enema. WHAT???...at least that is what the cartoon character me screamed when she said it. I think it passed out when she said I'd be doing it myself. She did offer to do it at the clinic, but who wants to pay $100 to her when I can buy the enema for $1.38 at Wal-Mart and do it myself??? Well...about half way through hearing my daughter whimper and seeing my husband cringe, I thought that it may have been better for someone else to do it..lol.
I won't get into details from there..but it seems to be working gently. No major explosions like the last laxative I used caused.
Which brings me to the Firsts: Lylli has "made #2" on the potty both times she needed to go today. Ok...for me, this is HUGE!! I didn't have the best of luck training my son so I think I've been putting of training my daughter because of it. I think she's been ready for a while...I guess I just wasn't. So, I'm going to start taking it seriously...starting earlier today. I can tell that she has felt better using the potty today...than using her diaper.

And...Isaac won his game tonight. We have another one on Thursday. Go COYOTES!!