Monday, November 5, 2007

Better Days

Last night I had my Thankfully it ended with my husband being sweet, admitted he's been an a** in some things and promised to help make things better and to relieve some of the stress. We went out to Wal-Mart (to get dogfood and give me a breather) and he bought me a new keyboard for my laptop. Something got spilled on it before we moved here and half of the keys had to be pounded before they'd work. Its a fancy one

Today was Jenn's first day off in a while so she and I went to Target with the girls. It was nice to get out. I even had a Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks :)

I bought Lylli some pink Crocs...she's been wanting them for a while and I didn't have the heart to say no. I'm such a sucker. Baby H has a pair that Lylli was always trying to wear and got so frustrated that she couldn't, so she resorted to carrying them around in her arms. Even though I think they are kinda ugly...I couldn't deny her. I also got her a pair of really cute pink pants for $2.48. Can't beat a deal like that.

On the way home from Springfield Jenn and I stopped at a beauty supply store here in town. Jenn is a licensed cosmetologist so she was able to buy stuff there...which I TOTALLY took advantage We bought some wax and I bought some bright-red highlights conditioner. I'll try it tonight when I take a shower. I hope it works; I already have naturally red hair but I could really rock some funky red streaks :). A little bit ago Jenn waxed my eyebrows. I needed it. I've been sporting a completely uncool unibrow for a while now.

I also forced Sean to let me wax his unibrow. He has NEVER had anything like that done, but did pretty well. He is whining a little because it "Just feels weird now." On a sidenote: I guess he was trying to smoke a cigarette at work today and it got turned around somewhere so he put the cherry right up against his lips. Has a sweet little blister there now. (Dork!)

The boys got home from school at their normal time and I was so relieved that it was their mother fighting with them to do their homework today, and not me. Perhaps it was just a little reminder to her that it isn't easy for me.

Last night I was sitting on my laptop, when my new awesome keyboard, and was looking through all of the documents that I have on there. I found some of my old writing from a college Creative Writing course. I decided to create another blog so I could share my short stories, "poetry" and perhaps even my book that I've been writing since I was a kid. Feel free to check it out and/or leave comments. It is HERE. I also added an ad thing to the bottom of this blog so my I can justify to my husband why I'm on the computer all the time by actually earning some money. Please help me pacify him by just clicking on them :).


Bri said...

I clicked on the link, hope that helps. Also, I really like the ring, an etsy shop sounds like a good idea!

Kendra said...

Thanks for the click :) I know its just an ad, but at least you can close out the box when you're done right? I'll open an etsy shop as soon as I get my jewelry stuff out of storage. If I had more interest in stuff my husband would probably be more inclined to dig it