Friday, November 23, 2007


Here are my Flickr favs from the last two weeks. Original photos can all be found HERE :)

We had a nice Thanksgiving at our friend's dad's house. There were 29 people there and plenty of food to go around. There wasn't any family drama and the kids all behaved incredibly well. A few of us even snuck in naps :). I laughed, got commissioned for some family photos (we'll see if it actually and ate well. I did miss my mom, who is still in Kansas. Its just not the same without her...or daddy for that matter.
I hope your Thanksgiving was full of laughter, family and food :)


Rachel said...


Wow, that's a gathering.

Kendra said...

Yes...and all of us in one double-wide trailer. I had to leave frequently to have a cigarette. Big crowds of people I don't know tend to overwhelm me just a little :).