Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day After Halloween

I had every intention of writing this yesterday, but with having 5 kids, one of which needed makeup, time to do this was not an option.

When I turned about 6 or 7 I was no longer able to Trick-or-Treat and we never carved pumpkins or decorated for Halloween in any way. I understood why and I respected my parents...but I really missed dressing up in cool costumes. My husband and I were going to follow the same traditions that my parents passed down to me...until we had Isaac. 2 years ago we decided to let him dress up in a sweatsuit that resembled a football uniform, painted whiskers on his face and let him go to a church event as a (HS football team) Wildcat. Last year we were undecided again until the moment of Halloween was upon us and trick-or-treaters showed up at our door for candy and I had that stab of childhood pain seeing my son just handing out candy instead of being on the other side of the door. So, I rounded up some black sweat pants, a belt, and old bandanna, and eyepatch, fake earring and Sean's SCA shirt that was too small and Presto!!...Pirate. We took him around town for about 30 minutes and went home.
Now this year arrived completely different. Since we live with friends that LOVE halloween I actually bought a few non-scary decorations and put them in the front yard. Sean thought I had lost my mind :). I wanted to carve a pumpking..but we never got around to it. There is always next year :). There are 2 other boys in the house who were going to have costumes and it just was expected that Isaac and Lylli would too. Lylli's costume, giraffe, was bought by another family friend. Isaac, on the other hand had his heart set on the store-bought version of Ghost Rider (sold out before I could get it, darnit) or the Black Spiderman (which I talked him out of...I told him to be The other 6 year old in the house, Jenn (his mom), Isaac and I went to Wal-Mart...and EGADS!! there were sold out of nearly everything. We finally talked the two boys into being ninja's ($17.00??!!). Then they had to have the $7.00 set containing a throwing star, katana, and two forked knife thingy's. I'm adding this up in my head and thinking "Sean is going to kill me...but really, you can't have the suit without the weapons right??" Then Jenn, awesome mom that she is, talked her son out of getting the costume and just getting a black sweatsuit...and He. Agreed. I nearly fell over!
Now, props to my little boy: While looking at the sweatsuits I asked Isaac if he'd do the same thing...and he declined my offer. Then I said, "Isaac, it would help mommy out money-wise if we put the costume back and you dressed like P." "Ok, mommy...I can do that," he said, and smiled. *insert choked-up feeling here*
So...we all got dressed and make-up'd and made our way downtown for some safe candy gettting. OMG...the load of candy we have with 5 kids in the house!!! Anyone need any candy?? We have candy coming out of our noses. (More pics can be seen on my flickr stream :))


Sharon M. said...

HAHAHA I love the pic of the candy coming out of your nose! CLASSIC!

Indada said...

meh - should display as Indada.. not sure how to change that - nevermind, guess I figured it out! GO ME!

Kendra said... got it :) I freak myself out