Friday, December 14, 2007


Making Thursday nights our 'date night' is one of the things Sean and I talked about while I was away. I'm not sure if I was testing him when I asked on Wednesday night, "So, what are we doing tomorrow?", but if I was then he passed.
By yesterday morning we had no idea what we were going to do, but he wanted me to come into town anyway and pick him up from work. We kinda thought we'd go wander around the mall and dream (since we have no money). As a matter of fact, on my way to pick him up last night, that is exactly what I had expected all day.
After we left his work he started driving back towards the highway that takes us home. I asked him what he was doing and he said, little poop-head that he is, that he was taking us back to B-town (name of hometown changed to protect the because there was a great restaraunt there. I knew he was way would he have had me waste the gas to drive to his work if that was his plan.
We eventually pulled into a place called 'The Library Station'...a place that I've been wanting to visit since we moved back to Missouri. We began walking to the front door and he mentioned that his boss' (Brian) wife worked there and they were having an adult party. He said it was some sort of adult game thing. I groaned a little, especially when I saw a few guys there, including his boss and co-worker, Jeff. The last thing I wanted to share with these guys was my taste in 'Adult' games. Once inside the door, this is what I saw....

Jeff bowling Look at that wrist flick

Yes, my friends, that is a Wii. You know, adult games like Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii....Jeez..what were you guys thinking??? Ok, yeah it had me going too. And...except for the host and Jeff's wife, I was the only woman there. Its a good thing that I like video After bowling came boxing - which is where I was privy to this site...

Sean and his co-worker Jeff

My husband is the one in the white shirt and the guy in blue is a co-worker, Jeff. Can you see the trickle of sweat on Jeff's face? Let me tell you - Wii is definately a video game that will get your blood pumping. Just ask these two. They had to take a breath and double over a bit between rounds.
We stayed here for about an hour and Sean said it was time for us to go. I think I may have gotten a little pouty inside. I was NOT ready to go home. I mean, this was our first date-night in 7 months! I was careful not to give myself away...I had been having some fun anyway. So, out the door we go, laughing about Jeff's other opponent of the night, when Sean starts talking about a customer that came in that day. Apparently Sean has worked a lot with this customer on the phone and in-person. The guy thanked Sean for all that he's done and handed him a $40 gift card to Steak & Ale. I was floored and excited.
We finally found the place and were led to a beautiful table in a room that looks like it could have doubled for a 'men's smoking society club' thing. It had rich woods, stain glass windows and leather chairs. They even had Escargot on the menu. ESCARGOT!!! I looked down at my orange tennis shoes, jeans and Harley t-shirt...I felt so out of place. But...when the food came...OMG, I forgot about everything that was around me and floated to Heaven. Sean enjoyed a 12oz Prime Rib and I melted into a Spicy Grilled Chicken Pasta...and the White Chocolate Winter drink he bought me that was a mix of hot chocolate, whipped creme, and Bailey's Irish Creme. Ohhhh, Yeahhhh! I can not WAIT to go back to this place again. My mouth waters just thinking about it.


Bri said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Good for you and hubby!! I really like the new banner. ;)